Joëlle Warren MBE, DL

Executive Chair

Joëlle Warren

Joëlle Warren was inspired to set up Warren Partners in the firm belief that you can succeed in business without losing in life. To this day, Warren Partners’ core values are about adopting an ethical approach and treating others as you want to be treated. These values are just as tangible in the business today as they were when she founded Warren Partners in 1999.

Joëlle is the Founding Director of Warren Partners and leads chair and non-executive director searches in addition to delivering Strategic Board Review services. Drawing on her expansive experience, genuine warmth and incisive mind, she helps chairs develop high-performing boards – as well as playing a key role in bringing on new talent at Warren Partners.

Being passionate about improving effectiveness in the boardroom through achieving the right balance of skills, diversity and experience means Joëlle is a regular speaker on the business benefits of boardroom diversity in all its forms. She was recognised in the New Year’s Honours List 2016 for her services to business. 

“Drawing on her expansive experience, genuine warmth and incisive mind, she helps chairs develop high-performing boards”

Joëlle has a strong London and regional reach as she splits her time between the capital and the North West. She is hugely committed to supporting business and the wider community: she serves as Her Majesty’s Vice Lord-Lieutenant for Cheshire, Chair of a UK Community Foundation, a Member of the CBI Enterprise Forum, a Member of Cheshire Business Leaders and acts as a Bishops Selection Adviser for the Church of England.

Joëlle’s drive and enthusiasm extends to leisure activities, qualifying as a ski instructor, walking the Camino di Santiago with her husband, and she’s now training for a 500 kilometre charity cycle ride with colleagues in Vietnam and Cambodia, following similar adventures in China, Cuba and Tanzania.

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In a fiercely competitive market, it is the quality of our people, our market expertise and our commitment to “treating others as we want to be treated” which sets us apart.