Judith Nicol

Director, Leadership Services

Judith Nicol

Judith heads up our leadership coaching practice, which works exclusively with boards, board directors and senior leaders. 

She has been coaching industry leaders and high-potential individuals since 2002 and counts many CEOs and board directors in FTSE 100 and 250 organisations amongst her clients – as well as a wide range of smaller corporate and not-for-profit businesses.

“Judith has been coaching industry leaders and high-potential individuals since 2002”

Judith was formerly a partner with Spencer Stuart and worked in the CEO and Board Practice. It was a natural transition for her to move from consulting to leadership coaching. She has trained as a coach in the United States and Europe and as well as offering extensive practical experience of working with leaders in all kinds of situations, she has co-authored papers with Lancaster University on leadership flexibility. In 2011, she authored the ARC diagnostic tool, exploring organisational culture and leadership flexibility. She is also a qualified systemic team and board coach.

Judith is married with three boys and gets to do a fair amount of leadership training at home, too. As a keen tennis player, swimmer and cyclist, Judith likes to keep active and makes mosaics in rare quiet moments.

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