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This rapidly developing and intensely competitive sector has seen exciting growth as more people gain access to digital and mobile communications. Attracting and retaining innovative leaders has become vital as the leading global technology companies vie for supremacy and seek to achieve technological advantage over their rivals.

The growing opportunity to establish new products and services based on innovative technology platforms provides an intoxicating range of opportunities and challenges. Micro payments via mobile phones, location based advertising and 4G infrastructure are just some of the new opportunities that have the potential to fundamentally change the way we run our lives.

The speed at which new market opportunities and technologies come and go in this sector means that there is often a skills imbalance between supply and demand for talent. Understanding market trends and the eclectic mix of skills required at executive and non-executive director level to succeed in this market sector are vital factors to success.

“There is often a skills imbalance between supply and demand for talent”

At Warren Partners, we understand how to win the war for talent in this market and the nature of the opportunities for talented gifted executive and non-executive directors who can spot opportunities and move swiftly to capitalise on them.

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Tim Kemp


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