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Monthly Reflections Blog: Four essentials for value adding Board Effectiveness

Posted by Judith Nicol on .

When considering how best to maximise the value of a Board Effectiveness Review there are four key principles to take into account

Thoughts on ‘change / transformation and leadership’

Thoughts on ‘change / transformation and leadership’

Posted by Iain Brockbank on .

Being a headhunter offers privileged insight into the thoughts, ideas and practice of great leaders. One aspect of leadership my colleagues and I assess for clients in the industrial sector is approach to change. Set out here is just a snapshot of insight gained from such discussions over the last 12 months – I hope it is of some interest!

Five Lessons: How to hire the right digital NED

Posted by Joëlle Warren on .

One of the greatest threats faced by organisations in today’s digital world is a Board that does not fully appreciate the threats and opportunities presented by technological advancement. How data can provide a competitive advantage, and the implication of new technology on the business model, customers and organisational design and its transformational potential. To be successful digital transformation is a top-down leadership exercise...