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Five Lessons: How to hire the right digital NED

Posted by Joëlle Warren on .

One of the greatest threats faced by organisations in today’s digital world is a Board that does not fully appreciate the threats and opportunities presented by technological advancement. How data can provide a competitive advantage, and the implication of new technology on the business model, customers and organisational design and its transformational potential. To be successful digital transformation is a top-down leadership exercise...

Monthly Reflections Blog: Board Effectiveness and The Parsifal Trap. May 2017

Posted by Judith Nicol on .

The legendary knight of the round table Sir Percival (or Parsifal) left home in search of the Holy Grail, finally arriving at Grail Castle where he saw the magnificent Grail Procession. However his joy was short lived as he awoke the next morning in a damp and misty field to find that everything had evaporated.

And so it can be with Board Effectiveness Reviews...

How to ensure you make a success of an NED appointment

Posted by Tim Kemp on .

For large listed companies, governance guidelines state at least half the board should comprise independent non-executive directors. While the guidelines don’t apply to smaller growing businesses, there are compelling reasons why the right NED appointment makes sense.