Managing Director

Case studies

The challenge

Abellio is a rapidly growing, highly agile and successful transport group that is challenging the larger, established providers across Europe. With established operations in the UK, Germany and Holland it is their intent to double revenue by 2017 through further European expansion. Abellio required a Managing Director to drive ambitions in Scandinavia where they are seeking to enter the transport market and achieve significant growth within three years. The leadership team wanted a diverse shortlist, not just candidates with the right experience but with a range of personalities and backgrounds within transport.

The outcome

Our extensive search across the Scandinavian transport sector resulted in a shortlist of candidates with the requisite range of personalities, and the strong mix of commercial and general management skills that the role required. Crucially all the candidates demonstrated a close fit with Abellio’s core values and behaviours with fluency in Swedish and English. The successful candidate has a strong commercial background, with a blend of senior operations and regional P&L experience in the transport sector. His ‘international’ outlook and collegiate approach is what particularly differentiated him and impressed the CEO, ultimately leading to his appointment. Abellio were delighted with the outcome, feeding back that they appreciated us taking time to listen to their needs, especially in regard to ‘cultural fit and values set’. They noted the provision of ‘genuine choice’ at shortlist stage and the quality of our communication which they stated was to a particularly high standard. Abellio and Warren Partners enjoy a strong and broadening relationship, a great outcome to this exciting assignment.

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