Cheshire & Warrington LEP


The Cheshire & Warrington LEP Board comprised of 15 members from across the Private and Public sector in the sub-region and represents a range of skills and economic sectors. Members are generally appointed for a term of three years (with an option to extend for a further three, subject to agreement with the Chair). Eight Board Members reached the end of their second term in March 2017, including the founding Chair. The LEP needed to recruit a number of high quality representatives from the business community (including the Voluntary sector) to fill eight Board vacancies. They were looking to appoint new Board Members, including a new Chair, for a term of at least three years.


Mark Livesey, the Deputy Chief Executive, commented in our feedback call after the project completed; “This was a substantial undertaking and we were conscious that other LEPs had found it difficult to attract the right people and put the right composition of expertise around the table. Some recruitment exercises had not ended well and so we wanted to get this right.  We needed to be targeted about the expertise of the people who were approached and be clear on the outcomes we sought.”


The Chair was appointed for a further three years with five new Board Members appointed to bring a wealth of experience across a number of key areas including commercial property, regeneration, Public/Private sector investments and the Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications and Charity sectors.  Two existing Board members secured a further term of up to three years.

Mark Livesey’s feedback was: “The work that you did with the team right at the start was what set us up to a successful outcome. You spent a good deal of time with us establishing the sectors and skills that would really add value to us. In talking with other LEPs contemplating a Board refresh I have stressed the importance of having a really clear understanding of what you need before you go to market and that this was something that Warren Partners insisted on and made all the difference. What also really stood out was that it felt like teamwork. You were very much part of our team and met all the candidates with us – that really helped. You gave us sound advice and challenge.

It was a robust and seamless process. The communication throughout was excellent and your combination of both regional and London market knowledge and offices was also particularly beneficial. The quality of the shortlist was strong - to such an extent that we struggled to make final decisions.”

Our team operates across a broad range of sectors, with a depth of market expertise in the major sectors listed below: