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RPMI Limited is a subsidiary of Railways Pension Trustee Company Ltd, which is the Trustee Company of the Railways Pension Scheme (RPS), serving around 350,000 members, who are either current or former railway workers.  RPMI provides tailored administration solutions for a diverse range of pension schemes and benefit structures.  RPS has c.£30bn in assets.  RPMI has a complex governance structure comprising: a Main Board; a Board of Trustees; and RPMI Railpen (Railpen Investments - responsible for the safekeeping and investment of around RPS assets).  Main Board membership comprises an Independent Non-Executive Chairman, four Trustee-nominated Non-Executive Directors, and four Executive Directors (Chief Executive, the Managing Directors for Investments and Benefits, and the Chief Finance Officer).

We trust Warren Partners and we know they are excellent at what they do. They also have a particular ability to find excellent diverse candidates and that was a priority for us.


RPMI was seeking to appoint a second Independent Non-Executives Director to join the Main Board; and with the possibility of the individual Chairing one of the Boards Committees.  The brief was deliberately wide ranging, tailored to attract individuals with experience in three primary areas, namely:  digital/technology and/or  reward schemes; and/or business transformation programmes.  As an employer, RPMI operates with strong values at the core of everything they do. Equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) in all aspects of its business are fundamental to delivering their mission.  Their biggest challenge remains unchanged - to increase the number of women at more senior levels in RPMI in an industry that has historically been male-dominated.  Building and maintaining a reputation as a great place to work is critical to RPMI for attracting and retaining talent from a broad demographic.  ED&I was therefore high on the search mandate’s agenda.


Warren Partners presented a shortlist comprising four individuals with developing plural careers; each with significant previous (Executive/Non-Executive) transformation experience delivered through either digital or people agendas.  All four individuals offered a choice of diversity; all four individuals were considered appointable by RMPIs selection panel(s).     

Mark Martin, People Director at RPMI commented further on Warren Partners’ work with RPMI:

“Warren Partners, and Rupert Gibb in particular, have led our last two Board appointments. We know the world is changing and therefore our demand was for more than just the skills and experience required in the role. We also needed the right people, the right leaders and greater diversity, including diversity of thought. They helped us find an outstanding Chair of our Railpen Investment Board and as a result we trusted them to recruit our latest iNED. We trust Warren Partners and we know they are excellent at what they do. They also have a particular ability to find excellent diverse candidates and that was a priority for us. They did such a great job that all four candidates on the short list were women. To find four such talented candidates in our industry that were both the best available and also interested in the Railpen opportunity, was an outstanding job by Warren partners. I could not recommend them more strongly.”

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