Reliance Bank

Independent Non-Executive Director


"From our introductory meeting through to their appointment to seek new Independent Non-Executive Directors Warren Partners exhibited a clear empathy with the values and ethics of the Bank, and showed a real understanding of our concerns and the governance challenges facing the Bank.

They inspired confidence that they would be able to guide / support us through the recruitment process and would deliver a successful outcome. Our confidence was not misplaced.

From the production of the initial brief, through the advertisement phase and initial selection process we were kept fully engaged. The quality of information provided concerning the various applicants enabled the effective selection of an excellent longlist which then led to the establishment of an outstanding shortlist. All of the vacancies have been filled and we are delighted with the outcome.

We cannot speak too highly of the service, project management and administration, and support we received from Warren Partners throughout."

Our team operates across a broad range of sectors, with a depth of market expertise in the major sectors listed below: