Skipton Building Society

Head of Digital

The challenge

Skipton Building Society is the UK’s fourth largest building society and is a mutual with over 760,000 customers and 100 branches across the country, from Aberdeen to Plymouth. The Group's assets currently stand at around £15 billion. Skipton were seeking a Head of Digital because they saw digital as a crucially important element in successfully delivering on its customer strategy. The role reported into a Board Director and had been created with the remit to bring digital to life for the Society and its members.

“Skipton were delighted, the candidate was thrilled and so were we”

The brief was to find candidates who had a progressive leadership track record within customer driven, multi-channel organisations. They needed to be passionate about the digital opportunity, with experience and knowledge that included leading and developing strategies to embrace and exploit digital capabilities, technologies and services to achieve business growth objectives. The fact that people with this mix of skills are in short supply and tend to be southern based added to the challenge.

The outcome

In early discussions, Skipton were receptive to our advice that that they needed someone in the short term to help them scope their requirements. We recommended that they hire an interim to give them time to establish the nature and importance of the role within Skipton before hiring someone permanently. We then recommended a possible interim candidate who they duly engaged. Once the remit of the role was clearly established The Society asked us to find someone to fill the permanent position.

Finding someone of the required calibre to fill the position permanently proved difficult. However sometimes in this business the stars just align perfectly for you. We identified an individual who had driven the digital agenda at HSBC, based in Yorkshire was looking for a career change and wanted to do something with more of a regional focus and less globetrotting. We moved quickly, decided she would be a perfect fit for the role and put her forward. Skipton didn't even want to see anyone else at this stage the candidate was offered and accepted the job within 10 days of the first meeting. Skipton were delighted, the candidate was thrilled and so were we.

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