Consultancy Services

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Consultancy Services

Whether your current challenge is developing a diverse pipeline of talent; succession planning; internal talent assessment; benchmarking or simply gathering market insight to inform strategy, our range of bespoke consultancy solutions will provide the solution you need.

What we all have in common is our commitment to rigour and quality.

To understand how our range of solutions could solve your business challenge find out more below:

Talent Mapping and Pipeline Management

Attracting and retaining the best talent is the lifeblood of any business. Our Talent Mapping solution will ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the talent market for your business, clarity on your employer brand and the insight you need to retain and grow your key people. We will work with you to manage the talent you already have, whilst identifying and engaging the rising stars in your market; ensuring a robust and diverse talent pipeline.

Succession Planning

Identifying and cultivating leaders and leadership teams to ensure that the business continues to thrive is an ongoing process. It begins with appointing the right people and continues with developing a robust talent pipeline. We work closely with chairs and board executives to develop succession plans. In particular, we help identify and assess internal talent through Board Reviews, benchmark capability and provide leadership coaching.

Salary Benchmarking and Salary Surveys

Salary benchmarking and salary survey services enable you to use comparison data at role, business function, unit or entire enterprise level, in a systematic and transparent way. Depending on the specific requirement; evaluation is undertaken relating to competency, role scope and reward. We provide detailed insight, highlighting areas that might impede or enhance performance and inform strategy.

Market Insight

Our bespoke market insight services cover a wide spectrum of capability and provide up-to-date research to support organisational change, integration or simply to gain a competitive edge. Projects range from mapping organisational structures, operating models and channels to market, to identifying geographical talent pools to support transformation programmes.

Our suite of services ensures that we are best placed in assembling and balancing leadership teams across the UK and internationally. Matching our services to your precise needs and delivering the very best talent.