Strategic Board Review

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Strategic Board Review

When it comes to board effectiveness, our philosophy is that all boards need continually to develop the value they add to the organisation they serve. To do this, the Board needs to work in an effective, collaborative way whilst paying attention to all the aspects of the context in which it operates.

With Boards facing greater choice, challenge and scrutiny than ever before, the Chairs we work with tell us that Strategic Board Review provides a welcome opportunity to review activity and improve effectiveness. Importantly, allowing them to ensure that appropriate attention is being paid to vision and strategy, governance, risk management and performance monitoring processes; whilst reviewing the appropriateness of the competency mix and succession planning. Essentially, a board review provides clarity on how the board works together and sets culture, values and behaviours and how it works with its stakeholders to anticipate and meet their needs.

“Importantly, a board review provides clarity on how the Board works together and sets culture, values and behaviours”

Our Strategic Board Review service goes beyond a box ticking or ‘health check’ approach to turn a corporate governance requirement into a long-term value adding opportunity. Custom made for each board, participants typically complete structured questionnaires, followed by face-to-face interviews and we often incorporate a feedback element on the impact of individual board directors. Our process can also seamlessly include perspectives from outside the board, for example from auditors or other professional advisors.

In addition to a comprehensive board effectiveness review report, crucially we explore with the Chair and the board how to respond to and take forward the findings of the review. Lastly we follow up with the chair to clarify the outcomes and provide ongoing support as required.

Led by Judith Nicol, Director, Leadership Services at Warren Partners, our approach stems from a proven and rigorous methodology developed by Peter Hawkins, Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School.

Lord Myners CBE (former City Minister) was kind enough to describe our approach as “very interesting, particularly seeking the views of those outside the board”.

SBR supports compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code as recommended by Financial Reporting Council.

The team includes Judith Nicol, Joelle Warren and Vicky Lawton

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