How We Work

Understanding our clients and candidates ensures we find the best fit between people and roles

How We Work

Our approach to Executive Search combines specialist expertise with rigorous adherence to ethical and professional standards. It engenders a level of trust and engagement in our candidates and clients that provides access to the very best talent.

The key stages of our executive recruitment process are outlined below:

Stage one – Understanding your needs and getting started

We develop in-depth knowledge of your business as it is today; your products, services and financial performance, alongside your business strategy  and how you are perceived in the marketplace. Being informed about these factors, combined with the issues faced by your sector and any regional considerations, enables us to get off to the best possible start when we go to market on your behalf.

We spend time with key stakeholders, gaining useful perspectives on the role, the business culture and working environment. A research methodology and delivery timeline is prepared,   as is an engaging assignment brief to share with suitable candidates. In parallel, we commence the identification of the talent pool.

Stage two– Defining the talent pool

We cast the net wide and rapidly hone in on those executives who meet your specific criteria while embracing equality and providing diversity. We strive to ensure that a minimum of 30% of the candidates we interview are female and, when this is not possible, provide you with market insight as to why.

As one of the top executive search firms, we combine a fresh and expansive search of the market with leveraging our extensive network and sourcing relevant industry leaders, professional associations and alumni. When appropriate, we will recommend advertising options.

“We strive to ensure that a minimum of 30% of the candidates we interview are female”

Stage three – Engaging talent

We treat candidates as we would like to be treated in every aspect of the process and keep you closely informed of our progress though weekly progress reports and review calls.

We promote your employer reputation and work hard to ensure that every candidate has a positive experience. In fact, we are often told by our candidates that the positive experience we provide sets us apart from our competitors.

Stage four – Assessment

We undertake several stages of assessment in addition to Saville Wave psychometric profiling. We assess competency, agility, motivation and leadership style, in addition to taking into account equality and diversity considerations. We aim to present a shortlist of three to four outstanding candidates who meet the brief and provide you with choice and contrast.

Stage five – Presenting candidates

Detailed assessment reports for each shortlist candidate are shared with you, assessing their capability in relation to the brief, particular areas of strength and potential development opportunities. You should feel absolutely confident that all the candidates put forward at this stage have the expertise required for the role.

Stage six – Supporting your assessment

We will help you to make the right choice for your business, ensuring that comparisons and contrasts between candidates are based on fact, evidence and sound judgement. You may choose to draw on our experience in interview techniques and assessment and we will help to build consensus amongst key stakeholders. Whether individual or panel interviews are planned, we build in time to prepare and advise those involved and are on hand to assess with you, should you require it.

Stage seven – Securing placement

When securing the appointment of your chosen candidate, timely reference checking and the ability to maintain candidate engagement and momentum in the contractual negotiation are vital.

Changing roles can be a stressful undertaking, so we ensure great communication, pace and attention to detail.

Stage eight – On boarding and transition coaching

We support the appointed executive search candidate through their notice period, first year with you, and beyond, ensuring they thrive in their new role. We can also provide structured transition coaching in their first six months as part of an ‘on-boarding’ process.