Our Values

It’s about delivering leadership consultancy with heart, because people matter.

Delivering leadership consulting with heart is what matters most to us and our values are at the very heart of how we do this. Read on or watch the video above to learn more about our values, what they mean to us, and as your chosen executive search and leadership consulting firm, what value they can bring to you.

Dot the ‘I’s and cross the ‘T’s

Not only is attention to detail a great habit, it really matters. We check and check again. We make sure that every piece of work we do for you receives the respect and rigour it deserves.

Raise the bar

We know that there is no limit to what we can achieve if we keep raising the bar. In a world that is constantly changing, standing still is not an option. We seek to continuously improve what we do, whether simple or complex, new ideas help us to be the very best at what we do.

Be adventurous

We promote creative thinking, challenge appropriately and are prepared to swim against the tide. We seek to innovate and welcome change. Open-mindedness and collaboration are a must. We believe in having the courage of our convictions and audacity to do things differently.

Be generous

Our team strive to be generous of spirit and to share their knowledge openly, to give more than is expected and seek to exceed the expectations of candidates, clients and colleagues. We understand that thoughtfulness and effort are of immeasurable value.

Be ethical

Treating others as we want to be treated is at our core. We champion our code of ethics and conduct and actively promote diversity and equality. Challenging the intrinsics to deliver diverse shortlists and doing the right thing, even when it feels like the most difficult thing, matters to us.

Enjoy the journey

This is our home away from home so it’s important that we have fun along the way. We choose to be here because we enjoy working together and share the same values - that’s something we celebrate. Positivity is infectious, and we try to remember that we all have the power to make someone’s day!

Stand up and be counted

We take responsibility, are accountable and are prepared to speak up. Everyone appreciates clarity so we don’t beat around the bush. Part of what makes our culture so special is our commitment to feedback and straight talking. If something needs doing, we do it. If something needs to be stopped, we stop it and if someone deserves recognition, we recognise them.