Our Values

It’s about delivering leadership consultancy with heart, because people matter.

Building diverse boards and leadership teams to deliver positive and sustainable change is what matters to us. Read on or watch the video above to learn more about our values, what they mean to us, and as your chosen executive search and leadership consulting firm, what value they can bring to you.


We care deeply about what we do. We strive to be generous of spirit and to share knowledge and insight openly, to exceed the expectations of our candidates, clients and colleagues. Kindness matters and we measure our success through the difference we make to others.


At our core is the belief in treating others as we want to be treated. That means everyone is welcome; we respect diverse knowledge, skills and experience; we act with empathy; we actively listen and we are our authentic selves. We recognise that our strength lies in our differences, not in our similarities, and embrace, nurture and celebrate what makes each of us unique.


We have the courage of our convictions and the audacity to do things differently. We are curious, open minded and encourage creative thinking. We seek new ideas and approaches to raise the bar and continuously learn. Straight talking, we believe in the value of open and honest conversations, take responsibility and are prepared to be accountable for all we do.


Honesty, transparency, fairness and integrity shape our unique culture. Doing the right thing, even when it feels like the most difficult thing, matters to us. We act responsibly, in the interests of our communities and environment, and believe in being a force for positive and sustainable change.


Together we work hard and we have fun, enjoying the journey and ensuring that everyone we engage with has a positive experience too. We’re humble but believe in celebrating success. What unites us is our shared purpose and values alongside our warm and straightforward approach.