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Stephanie Clarke

Consultant Partner / Head of Research Operations

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Stephanie has a dual role within Warren Partners, leading our research team and operations alongside delivering assignments for clients.


As Head of Research Operations, Data & Technology at Warren Partners, Stephanie leads a team of researchers focused on building our diverse talent pool, identifying and matching talent to roles and developing insight to share with clients. She works with data partners and internally to ensure that our assignments are powered by data and insight that is robust, compliant and comprehensive, and that supports all our business objectives, especially delivering to clients on diversity. Stephanie is a fierce custodian of individual and client data, an unashamed ‘data geek’ and dreams about GDPR!


Stephanie also has a track record of appointing C-suite level executives and non-executive directors, as well as interim appointments. She has worked across Warren Partners’ practice areas, with a particular specialism in retail financial services, partnering with building societies, challenger and start-up banks, consumer finance and insurance companies. Stephanie has established an extensive personal network and continues to enjoy interactions with candidates, especially advising executives transitioning to non-executive roles and plural careers.


Before joining Warren Partners, Stephanie spent 15 years working with senior executives and directors in highly visible and client-facing roles in career transition and career management. This included contributing early editions of the bestselling careers guide, How To Get A Job You’ll Love by John Lees, one of the UK’s best-known career strategists.


Outside work, Stephanie puts some effort into keeping fit, with reformer pilates and running, but much more into spending time with her family and friends.

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