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Louise Harrison


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Louise has an admirable track record across the Consumer and Digital sectors with a key focus supporting businesses in both transformation and hyper growth. Having led an in-house at Tesco to facilitate leadership hires globally, she understands the pressures and metrics clients face. Louise built her career in leading boutique search firms within consumer and tech before founding her own business Headline Partners, prior to joining Warren Partners. 


Louise is particularly passionate about advocating for diversity in leadership. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that women have a voice in the boardroom, especially in male-dominated industries. Educating clients about the importance of diversity and helping them navigate the leadership hiring process in a way that promotes inclusivity is a key focus for her. She also encourages clients to think broadly about the personalities in the existing boardroom and expertise needed. 


Louise’s success in finding exceptional candidates, including those from underrepresented backgrounds, aligns perfectly with Warren Partners’ commitment to diversity. Louise combines her commitment to continuously refreshing the candidate pool with the power of her extensive network to entice top tier Executive and NED talent into businesses to fuel their commercial objectives. 

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