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We are search specialists with deep knowledge of key sectors and extensive contacts of leadership candidates worldwide. We research and network relentlessly. In fact, we’ve probably already met your next senior team member.

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  • Chair & Non-Executive Director Search
  • Executive Search
  • Leadership Consulting & Advisory
  • Interim Management
  • Chair & Non-Executive Director Search

    Boards are under intense scrutiny and face complex demands from shareholders and wider stakeholders. Increasing diversity and making a positive difference is often at the heart of this challenge. Our extensive experience in building diverse boards and leadership teams – matching the right chairs and non-executive directors with the right boards – means we can help clients embed gender and broader diversity into their business swiftly and appropriately.


    For over two decades we’ve been supporting boards to meet and adapt to these challenges. Our work placing non-executive directors represents at least half of our searches. We have also joined Chapter Zero to prioritise, where relevant, bringing forward non-executive directors who can lead UK boardroom discussions on climate change.


    We help you effect positive change – for your business and for the world.

    Reach for the stars

    No candidate search is the same because every client has a unique set of requirements demanding a bespoke solution. That’s where our unrivalled reach comes in. We work with clients across the business cycle – from start-ups and scaling to large and listed – and with different stakeholder models. Our talent pool spans geographies, sectors and demographics – which means a wealth of star players to connect with.


    All our partners and research consultants work on both executive and non-executive searches, nurturing those with board potential from an early career stage. Our Board Fellowship programme actively builds a pipeline of ethnically diverse board talent for FTSE 250 companies, and we work closely with EPOC (Empowering People of Colour) – a peer-to-peer network that promotes high-potential leaders of colour with boards.


    Our chair and non-executive director search services provide clients with a broad spectrum of candidates, from ‘rising stars’ to seasoned board professionals. All carefully selected for their ability to be a change-maker for a client’s business.


    From the research and discovery phase to candidate outreach through to delivery, you’ll work with the same team of experts throughout – because consistency matters. And our transparent and results-based fee structure is testament to the confidence we have in connecting you to the best talent on the market.

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    Our Sectors

    • Infrastructure, Industrial & Manufacturing
    • Technology & Digital
    • Consumer, Retail & Media
    • Financial Services
    • B2B & Professional Services
    • Social Impact

    Infrastructure, Industrial & Manufacturing

    Within this practice area more than any other, our reach is broad and so our relationships matter. Our clients are spread across a wide range of business segments and regions. We work with large FTSE and AIM listed corporates, private and family-owned businesses and private equity backed portfolio companies. Increasingly, we also work with private equity firms and infrastructure funds directly.

    Each client comes with distinct strategic objectives, set against a background of unprecedented technology-led change, increased focus on sustainability and geo-political upheaval. Our wealth of experience in this sector has seen us appoint skilled senior executives and first-time chief executives, chair and board members, as well as recruiting into key emerging functions, such as sustainability, responsible business and ethics at executive level.


    Frequently, we are asked to address the need in sectors for more gender and ethnically diverse individuals and more importantly, demand for greater diversity of thought across leadership teams and boards. As a result, we have an enviable track record and growing reputation for appointing truly diverse executive and non-executive directors, both internationally and within the UK.


    Our sub-sectors include:

    Aerospace and defence I  Automotive I  Energy and utilities I Engineering and construction I Green transition I Manufacturing I Transport

    Functional Leadership

    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Finance
    • Operations
    • People & Talent
    • Marketing & Communications
    • Technology
    • Legal, Risk & Compliance
    • Sustainability & ESG

    Chief Executive Officer

    Change is the only constant for today’s business leaders. More than ever, chief executive officers need exceptional leadership skills, strategic agility and unclouded purpose to navigate the tremors that are shaking and shaping the world. What worked yesterday might falter tomorrow so chief executive officers must constantly adjust and face forward, all the while imprinting their vision across organisations and executive teams.


    For this most important role, the long-term relationship we build with our clients is the bedrock. Often, active discussions about chief executive officers succession are ongoing, taking place over time and including assessing and coaching internal candidates. When the time comes, we look to the external market from a position of deep understanding, insight and trust. We can be rigorous and bold as we identify and benchmark against internal talent to ensure boards have confidence in the decision they ultimately make.


    For more recent and new clients, we can support direct recruitment. We make the same investments: digging deep to understand needs; benchmarking internal talent; assessing and converting the best external candidates; and supporting clients with decision making, negotiations and onboarding.


    Roles include but not limited to:

    Chief Executive Officer  (CEO) Managing Director  General Manager  Regional CEO  Divisional CEO  I  Business Unit Director


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