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Criticaleye: Six elephants in the boardroom

Posted by Laurence Vallaeys on .

A high-performing board will be a hotbed of ideas, constructive debate and well-informed analysis. However, unacknowledged problems at the top table can damage all this good work. Emma Riddell asks senior business leaders to identify what they see as the “elephants” in the boardroom.

A CEOs guide to the gender pay gap

Posted by Vicky Lawton on .

The news that Tesco is facing Britain’s largest ever equal pay claim and a possible bill running to £4bn is only the latest example of the impact that gender pay issues are having in the workplace and beyond. And these are only likely to intensify with the now passed 30 March 2018 deadline for all UK organisations with 250 employees or more to report their gender pay gap under legislation introduced in 2017.

So how did it all get to this? Below CEO Today hears from Vicky Lawton, Managing Director of executive search firm, Warren Partners, who explains the ins and outs.

Culture and non-executive directors. Governance Magazine. January 2018 Issue 281

Posted by Joëlle Warren on .

‘So culture isn’t something that should be “owned” by one person as “head of culture” or delegated to HR. Culture starts at the top. How the board behaves both individually and collectively sets the cultural tone and defines the ethical and moral boundaries that ripple through the organisation.’ Joëlle Warren