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Meet the team: Nia Lucas

Warren Partners

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“There are definitely misconceptions around those working in finance,” says Nia Lucas, Warren Partners’ newly appointed Finance Director. “For example, that we’re brilliant with numbers but a bit dull.”

Spend five minutes in Nia’s company, however, and it’s clear that she’s as from the ‘introverted grey accountant’ stereotype as it’s possible to get. She points out that a key aspect of being an FD is the ability to engage with people across all business functions and about helping those who don’t “speak finance” to understand what the numbers mean to them and the company.

“It’s about working out what’s useful for the person you’re speaking to – whether that’s the CEO, the MD or a Partner – and disseminating that information in an accessible way, so it’s not just numbers on a spreadsheet. Lots of colleagues are visual people, for example, so I then need to ensure that important information is displayed graphically.”

Nia’s journey in finance has been marked by notable achievements and roles across different sectors. Her tenure at BDO UK LLP as an Assistant Audit Manager laid the foundation for her expertise in financial reporting and statutory accounting. Her role as a Bursar at Kent County Council and later as Director of Finance at Law 365 exemplified her ability to manage comprehensive financial functions and lead financial teams with strategic vision.

“The challenge and enjoyment of the FD role is that you have visibility of the whole business, allowing you to feed in ideas and influence strategic decisions,” she says.

It was Warren Partners’ values, culture and purpose that really drew her to the role, citing her interview with company founder Joëlle Warren as an “inspirational meeting.”

Kirsty Dougan, Managing Director of Warren Partners, said of the appointment: “While we are sad to say goodbye to David Alcock, our outgoing FD, and wish him well in his retirement – with a huge thank you for his sound financial stewardship – we’re also excited to welcome Nia to the company. We’re confident she will prove to be a cornerstone in the firm’s journey towards sustained success through 2024 and beyond.”

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